Kyle: Lobstering with Giant Tides

Alma, New Brunswick
Who knew? The biggest tides in the world are right here in the Bay of Fundy. They rise up and down as much as 40 feet, twice each day – more than a 4-story building. And life here revolves around these tides.

Meet Kyle. His lobster boat (below) was sitting in the mud at 9:00a when we first met him. But by noon his boat had risen high enough for him to go out and set the last traps of the season (season ends and fines start on Aug. 1). And by 3:00p his boat was back at the dock, sitting in tall cotton – um, seawater. He went out again a couple of hours later, but was due back well before low tide…when his boat would softly lowered itself into the mud as the water receded. The days’ rhythm changing with the phases of the moon.


So why the heck are the tides so grandiose here, creating deep canyons (below) and raising boats so quickly? The non-sciency answer: pull of the moon, rotation of the earth, and unique funnel shape of the Bay of Fundy. We loved the National Park here, too.


30 – ft tide canyons

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