No Wall Here!

Moncton, New Brunswick: So what does it take to get a small airplane into Canada? There may be no wall, but there are sure a bunch of hoops! Weeks/days before: Got a radio license for the plane (not required by U.S.) then filed with/got permission from CANPASS, the Canadian Border Patrol. But unlike our trip in 2010, not required to carry a gun (in case of engine failure – bears, etc. No joke)

Day of flight: Filed International flight plan, called CANPASS. Flew up coast of Maine and announced leaving US airspace. Then waited on the runway in Moncton, New Brunswick for the Customs guys. Officer McCawley was lovely and even let me take his picture! But this is weird: He mentioned that he and his sidekick Francois “had done a google search” and was “glad our answers to his questions matched up.” Wonder what would have happened if we had tawdry pictures posted on the Web.


We are in! Proudly displaying a Canada Customs and Border Patrol decal.

One thought on “No Wall Here!

  1. Doranne, what a fantastic trip . I want to stay in that church! But I have to be honest, just seeing Randy stand beside the plane gives me anxiety. You guys are brave!

    Thank you for blogging, love to live vicariously! VB


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