Looking forward and back

Our first leg in this six-month journey is an air adventure with Pilot Randy to Maritime Canada. As we get ready, I think of that amazing (and sometimes harrowing) trip in 2010 to the Hudson Bay, the Arctic Ocean, and Alaska – in the single engine Mooney Bravo. Here are a couple of fun photos from that trip – beyond the eye-poppingly beautiful pix of Denali, etc. Resolution and color are poor, but you get the picture.


Canada-Alaska '11 6Canada-Alaska '11 33

Musher Jennafor , beluga whales near Churchill Manitoba, mighty Yukon en route to Nome

Curious beluga whales, Churchill river estuary, Manitoba

Canada-Alaska '11 47

Well, the plane hasn’t gotten any bigger, although we have! At barely 44 inches across, the cabin is meant for sardines – so it means that moods better be good! The first part of our plan is to go up the Hudson River, on to the Bay of Fundy and New Brunswick, and across Nova Scotia and the Gulf of Lawrence to Newfoundland. We’ll see what the Atlantic weather has in mind…