Problem-solving and the U.S of A.

Moncton, NB

Back on the Canada mainland, we still had our “plane problem.” The safety notice had not miraculously disappeared. Of course, we jettisoned our plan to fly to Sept-Iles, Quebec – 300 miles north of Quebec City on the St. Lawrence. Mingan Archipelago Nat’l Park with the weird rock formations will have to wait.

Instead, Randy made multiple calls to “people who know about these things” and we put together a gameplan that begins today: Doranne flies home commercial from New Brunswick to KC (complicated routing but what the heck). Randy waits for fairly clear weather (no IFR) and flies in segments at higher altitudes back to his trusted folks in KC.

An “ticklish” trip from start to finish. In the unlikely event you’re wondering about all the tickles here north of the border:

To a mariner, a tickle is a narrow, dangerous body of salt water where the current can change direction without warning and unseen water hazards lurk. To this day, people refer to a dangerous predicament as a ticklish situation. Newfoundland has more than 200 ticklish spots, while New Brunswick has at least seven, including Dark Tickle, Tickle Beach and Timble Tickle.“ (Heritage Dictionary)

Update: Both home today, Randy safe and sound through rows of thunderclouds on Lake Erie.


Thanks for reading/putting up with this blog! More Coasts and Characters from Wales in late August



One thought on “Problem-solving and the U.S of A.

  1. Hey you determined travelers! I am so happy that you are home safely (along with the plane!) We have been following your exploits and decided that you guys would make a great addition to the National Geo travel team. Between Doranne’s colorful travelogue descriptions and Randy’s incredible photos we felt like we were beside you. Think you could parlay your talents into new careers for you both!


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