Melbourne: Street Art Gone Wild

Back on the blog – inspired by the strange world Down Under. The winds are taking us to Melbourne, Tasmania, and New Zealand and I’ll try to capture a few of the unexpected treasures.

Street Art Gone Wild
Melbourne is a lovely, cosmopolitan city (no fewer than 6 people reminded us that it had been named yet again the Most Livable City in the World). The parks, food, waterfront and friendliness contribute, but it is the ubiquitous street art that charms us. (OK, the wrought iron decoration on all the Victorian-era houses, even tiny ones, is cool, too. Apparently there is more iron wroughted here than in New Orleans – the product of iron ship ballast and the need to gussy things up 13,000 miles away from England.)

But back to Street Art. Controversial for many years, it is now embraced and celebrated with festivals, galleries, schools, etc. So come to Melbourne to fuel your inner angst.





Need something a little more soothing, if not strange? From the Gardens…



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