Weird, Dude

From the tree ferns with strange unfolding stems to the tallest hardwoods on earth (300-ft eucalypts) to giant purple bottle-brush like flowers, the vegetation is other-worldly. In fact, 60% of the flora/fauna in Tassie are found no where else.

Of course, the Hudsons are in hiking heaven, with a different national park each day. Adding to the fun are hopping wallabies on the trail, snouted hedgehog-like echidnas guzzling ants, and day-glo orange lichen. And Stan, Tassie naturalist extraordinaire, whom we met in the woods. Great color all around.






3 thoughts on “Weird, Dude

  1. Doranne and Randy, These posts are SO GREAT! Love everything from the building art to the plants to the BAD BOYS. You two are the dynamic duo of travel blogs!


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