Hello! We are curious travelers with 45 years of adventures. We love to find unique people, environments and stories. We will try to relate some of these with Randy’s photos and Doranne’s short narratives as we take a six-month period in 2017 to explore Coasts and Characters from Newfoundland to Wales to Tasmania.

So why not just Instagram? Our hope (we are neophytes in the blogging world) is to curate and share some stories that seem interesting. Please drop us a note anytime with thoughts or questions or demands to stop!

We love living in Kansas City and love leaving Kansas City! Randy has a website dedicated to his photography: http://www.randyhudson.photoshelter.com.

Liana, our daughter, has a commercial photography partnership and her website is: http://www.chpkcmo.com

Doranne is not creative enough to have a website, but is trying this blog. She can otherwise be reached at doranne.hudson@gmail.com

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